How do I add a device to AirDroid? – [Answer] 2022


  1. Add Devices. Click Add devices Wizard and Admin Console will create a unique Deployment Code and QR code to add your devices.
  2. Remove Devices to Groups.
  3. Click Devices > Choose the group under Device List.
  4. Rename Device Name and Remarks.
  5. Click Devices > Click the group under Device List.

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How do I add a phone to AirDroid?

Simply click the Switch button if you’re signed in to and wish to connect to a different linked device under your account. You’ll see all of your devices after clicking the Switch button: Choose the device you want to link, and then OK. If the device is accessible online, you will be immediately connected to it.

How do I add devices?

On a new device that hasn’t been configured yet, turn it on. Set the device in pairing mode. On your phone, you’ll get a notification suggesting you set up the new gadget. Select “Set Up New Device” from the drop-down menu. After that, follow the instructions on the screen.

How do I use AirDroid on Android?

You may use the AirDroid web site instead of an IP address plus a Port number to begin utilizing AirDroid. You don’t have to manually start the AirDroid application on your device. Simply sign in to AirDroid online, and the AirDroid app will launch on your Android phone or tablet automatically.

How do I scan QR codes with AirDroid?

To access via QR Code scan: Open the AirDroid app and select the camera option. Scan the QR code shown on your computer screen. To enter using a password: input the six-digit passcode you see on your Android device into your browser.

What is AirMirror on AirDroid?

The free version of AirDroid costs $8/month or $6/month for students. There is also a Pro plan at the monthly rate of $20/year for individual users, which gives you unlimited storage and 5GB per device.

Is there TeamViewer for Android?

Our TeamViewer mobile apps make it simple to establish remote access for your Android devices, allowing you to access and maintain them from anywhere. With TeamViewer installed on any desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet, you can get remote assistance for your Android or iOS mobile device.

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