Can I cancel my Netflix account after the free trial? – [Answer] 2022


If you want to cancel your membership, be sure to do it while the free trial is still active. It’s ideal to call back the same day you sign up for Netflix. Even if you cancel your subscription on the first day, you’ll have access to Netflix for another month.

How To Cancel Netflix Account After Free Trial – Full Guide!

Cancel a Netflix Free Trial

Will I be charged if I cancel my free trial?

Typically, you must provide your credit card number for a “free trial.” This way, the firm may charge you if you do not cancel before the trial expires. Dishonest firms make it difficult to terminate subscriptions and will continue billing you — even if you don’t want the goods or service any longer.

Why did Netflix charge me for a free trial?

It’s more likely to be an authorization check than a charge if you spot charges on your Netflix account during your free trial. To ensure the payment method is genuine, Netflix performs a test charge. It appears to be a charge but isn’t.

Why did Netflix charge me after I Cancelled?

If your account was terminated but you’re still seeing a charge, it’s possible that someone who used your account inadvertently restarted it. Go to and follow the on-screen instructions.

Do you have to pay after Netflix free trial?

To begin streaming on Netflix, you must first register. You will not be charged for the first month. After the one-month free trial, you will be required to pay to continue streaming. If you don’t cancel your membership within the one-month free trial period, you will be charged at the conclusion of the month.

Is Netflix free for 30 days?

Is There a Netflix Free Trial? Yes, there is. Prior to signing up for a paid membership, Netflix allows you to try its services for 31 days. If you haven’t used Netflix before, you may be eligible for a free trial—one month of free service per user.

What happens when you start a free trial?

You can sometimes start free trials without giving up your credit card or other payment information, but it isn’t always the case. Payment details will often be requested right away in order for the service to charge you when the trial is over. It’s a deceptive method, but businesses are within their rights to do so.

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