Why can’t I change my payment method on Iphone? – [Answer] 2022


It’s conceivable that your previous payment method is past its expiration date and should be updated. If you recently obtained a new credit card, you only need to update the expiration date and CVV number! Then, go to Payment & Shipping, log in using your Apple ID password, choose the payment method you want to change, and then tap Update. After that, choose the payment method you wish to modify.

 How To Change iPhone Payment Method

How To Update Payment Method On iPhone 

Why can’t I remove a credit card from my iPhone?

If you’ve attempted and failed to remove your credit card information from your Apple ID, one of the following factors is most likely causing the problem: You have an outstanding amount owing or a payment that is due. You’re a member of Family Sharing.

Why can’t my payment method be authorized?

If your charge is not authorized, it usually implies that there’s an issue with your account or that you’re near or over your credit limit. When you utilize a credit card at a business, the merchant generally obtains authorization from the card issuer.

How do I change my card on Apple Pay?

Tap the three-dot menu in the upper right corner of your Apple Pay card and select Manage, then tap on Change Appearance. Select a new card by entering a name and selecting Set as Default Card. You can also do this on your iPhone or iPad by opening Wallet, tapping and holding a card, then moving it to the front of your cards.

How do I remove my card details from my iPhone?

To remove a credit card from Apple Pay, open the Settings app and scroll to the bottom. 2) Tap the Wallet & Apple Pay cell next. 3) To delete a credit card from Apple Pay, go to step 4. 4) Tap Remove Card at the very bottom of the screen.

Why can’t I remove my card from Apple pay?

You can’t get rid of a payment method if you owe money on it. Find out how to pay an outstanding balance or solve payment method difficulties. You may remove your payment method once the outstanding amount has been paid off.

How do I edit credit card info on iPhone?

If you’ve accidentally added a credit card to Safari, you can erase it using the AutoFill feature. In Settings > Safari > AutoFill, select Saved Credit Cards and then choose the card you wish to modify or delete. Edit and then Delete Credit Card or update the credit card information are your choices. Tap Done when finished.

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