What happens when you delete account on tinder? – [Answer] 2022


All matches and messages will be deleted if you cancel your Tinder account. You may use the same Facebook account or a different phone number to sign up again, but you won’t appear on the app to others right now.

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Do you still show up on Tinder if you delete your account?

There are a lot of hypotheses about whether or not your profile will still appear on Tinder after you’ve gotten rid of the program. They may not be entirely telling the truth since, even if you uninstall the app, your profile remains visible. Your profile is unaffected by deleting the app.

How do you know if someone has deleted Tinder?

You must first understand that this functionality is based on the same technology used. Then, they’d have to start over and create a new account. If you’ve been chatting with a match and they deleted their account, they won’t appear in your list of potential matches. In any case, the only method you’ll realize is if they are no longer visible on your list.

How long does it take for your account to be deleted on Tinder?

According to Tinder, if your account has been inactive for more than 7 days, you will not be displayed. Your profile, on the other hand, will be completely removed if you actually delete your account. You’ll now have to start from scratch if you download the app and establish a new account.

How can I make sure my Tinder is deleted?

To remove the app, go to Settings and log in. Then, under App Settings, scroll down until you find “Delete Account.” The program will then inform you that your account has been successfully terminated.

Does deleting Tinder app delete messages?

Only removing the app from your device prevents you from using it until you reinstall it. If you delete your account, unmatch someone with whom you have a match, or an individual unmatches you, your conversations/matches will be erased. That’s all there is to it. Deletion of an app has no effect on your account.

Why has my message disappeared on Tinder?

When someone unmatches or removes their profile, this happens. Unless one of these things happen, Tinder messages will not vanish. So if you’re missing out on conversations, it’s most likely because the other person has unmatched or deleted your profile.

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