How do you delete followers on SoundCloud mobile? – [Answer] 2022


To avoid an account from following or interacting with you, all you have to do is blacklist it. In the top right corner of their profile, you will see a choice to block a user. When blocking a person, you will be provided the option to delete reposts, likes, and comments they’ve made on your account.

How to block someone on Soundcloud (Android u0026 PC)

How To Block Someone On SoundCloud? | Trendz Plus

How do I delete followers?

Tap Followers in the upper right corner to access your profile. Tap Remove next to the follower you’d like to delete, then Remove again to finalize the action. When you terminate a follower, they are not notified.

How do I delete my soundcloud account on mobile?

Please note: At the moment, there is no way to delete an account via our iOS or Android apps. You can remove your membership by using a computer and visiting your Account Settings, then selecting the ‘delete account’ option.

How do you Unpost on Soundcloud?

To add a song or playlist to the top of your profile, click the repost button below it. To share a Stream with your followers, click the repost button under any track or playlist. Items that have been reposted may be removed from your profile by clicking their ‘repost’ link again.

Why can’t I delete songs from my SoundCloud playlist?

To remove a song from a playlist, go to the SoundCloud app and select ‘Three horizontal dots’ to the right of the track name on the playlist page. At the bottom of the menu, choose ‘Delete from Playlist.’ This removes both your music and video from SoundCloud on both mobile and desktop sites.

How do I remove followers I don’t follow?

Click here to go to the Open Users page and have access to all of your Instagram accounts. Select All from the drop-down menu beneath Not followers before clicking Unfollow the users button to mass-unfollow any Instagram accounts that don’t follow you back. That’s all there is to it!

Can you remove a follower but still follow them?

Yes, and it’s as simple as a few clicks. Removing someone as a follower does not prevent them from following you again. They may follow you by clicking the Follow button.

Does removing a follower remove their likes?

Is it true that when you unfollow someone on Instagram, their likes go away? No. When you delete someone from your followers list, their likes and comments will still be visible on your posts.

How do I make my SoundCloud private?

If you’re a SoundCloud user and want to make a track private, there’s no easier way than using this method. All you have to do is log in to your SoundCloud account and go to the song you’d want to become private. A new screen will appear with several options, one of which being ‘edit.’ In the basic info area, select the bubble next to ‘private’ and save your modifications to make that track inaccessible.

What does removing followers mean?

You may remove followers on Instagram so that they can no longer access to your content. You may remove a follower from your profile or from their profile. When you unfollow someone, they are not notified of the change, although they can still ask to be followed back.

Is it rude to unfollow someone on Instagram?

It’s very sad that some individuals are using this new method to get followers, but it’s also true that they’re not the only ones who do so. You follow someone because you want a follow back, not because you enjoy what they’re doing. Then, whether you received the follow or not, you must unfollow yourself. Isn’t it selfish and disingenuous? To begin with, you should follow others because their work interests you.

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