How do you change username on Ask FM? – [Answer] 2022


In settings> profile> username It is unclickable In order to create a different username, you need to create a new profile. Please be aware that you won’t be able to transfer any information from another account to your new account.

I have ask! [+ changing username]

How to delete account

Does ASKfm delete old accounts?

You may reactivate your account at any time, and all of your information will be waiting for you! However, if you still want to delete your account completely and permanently, we will understand. Remember that once you remove your profile, everything stored there is permanent lost!

Can you see who viewed your ASKfm?

There is no ASKfm tracker, and there will never be one. We take anonymity seriously, and we promise that when you ask an anonymous question, your identity will remain hidden. If you detect anyone claiming to be able to expose the anonymous users, please notify our Support Team.

Who uses ASKfm?

Let’s start with Let’s Talk About It, which is a division of the international company The Teacher Company. nLet’s Talk About It provides classes and events for children to learn English in order to tour the world. nYou may participate in any one of our programs at your own pace, but it will take time away from school or work. Thank you for understanding!The company promotes language learning not only through that software program but also via social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube , Google+, (which has over 500 million registered members), Kik (over 100 million users)…. Our main audience is between the ages of 13 and 25 years old – we want to teach them everything they need to know about life in

How do you delete a question you asked on ASKfm?

If you use a web browser, click on the dots next to the question and choose Delete option. Swipe the concern in ASKfm if you’re using an app.

How do I delete my ask honest account?

Deactivate Your Profile. By signing in to the Services using your password and selecting to deactivate your profile, you may do so. This option is accessible from your Settings page. You will no longer be visible to other users of the Services if your account is deactivated.

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