HOW DO points work at GameStop? – [Answer] 2022


GameStop Upgrades Its Loyalty Program with a New Rewards System. You’ll get 10 reward points for each dollar you spend on new goods at GameStop using your card. Used products earn you 20 points per dollar, as do trade-ins.

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GameStop’s New Power up rewards Program

The video game industry has been a booming business for decades, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. Recently, GameStop has taken the lead in the video game retail industry with their trade-in program and pre-owned store model. But what does this mean for you? As a customer, how do points work at GameStop? What can you earn when trading games in or purchasing them used? Read on to find out more about these details!

When you purchase a new game and bring it home for the first time, you probably feel like your hard-earned money has bought you more than just a plastic disc. You may feel like it came with some sort of in-game currency or reward, right? GameStop feels the same way. The company’s main business is selling pre-owned games (no, not *used* games) at discounted prices to eager customers who want to save a buck. When we buy these used games from GameStop, we’re getting something extra in return: Reward Zone points! That’s right: when you trade in or sell old games to GameStop and then use that credit toward future purchases (including other pre-owned games), you’ll earn points toward coupons and discounts.

The GameStop program runs on two different types of points. One type is point-of-sale, which you acquire when you trade in old games to purchase new ones or buy something else from the store. The other type is PowerUp Rewards, which allow members to earn points for:

• Buying products and services at GameStop stores and online

• Purchasing preordered, newly released or preowned items; digital downloads; used software; and PowerUp Pro subscriptions

• Getting special discounts through the email newsletter Gameday Deals™

• Earning commissions as a participant in the Extra Life fundraising program ( )

• Participating in promotional offers such as rebates for purchases made with a coupon or participating in certain contests ( )

What do points at GameStop get you?

All American GameStop members can now choose to preserve their points and make selections from the PowerUp Rewards Catalog, or they may receive $5, $10, or $15 reward certificates that can be used at any GameStop shop.

What can you get with 5000 GameStop points?

Your points will have a value of 0.1 cents each if you redeem them for rewards certificates at GameStop. Redemptions begin with 5,000 points for a $5 rewards certificate.

How do I redeem a GameStop certificate?

During the checkout process, simply enter the card or account number and PIN on the payment page. It’s necessary to have a scratch-off PIN to use your gift card, trade credit, or PowerUp Rewards™ card online. The scratch-off PIN is located on the reverse of eligible gift cards.

How do you use GameStop coupons?

To use a coupon code at Game Stop, go to the site as usual, putting the items you wish to buy in your shopping cart. After that, click “Your Cart” on the top of the page to return to your shopping basket.

Do GameStop Pro members get discounts?

Gamers who sign up for the GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro membership may get a discount on a next-gen console. This is about 20 times less expensive than Best Buy’s exorbitant TotalTech membership program, which also provides early access to next-gen consoles.

Does GameStop refund full?

Yes! You have thirty days after making a new purchase, including a receipt, to get a full refund for your game consoles under the GameStop return policy. With used goods, you have seven days to ask for a complete refund.

What carrier does GameStop use?

GameStop uses Radial’s Ship-From-Store system, which links a single store’s point-of-sale system to online order management and notifies staff to orders that need to be sent.

How long do GameStop rewards last?

The “Redeem a Game” option is just one of the many deals that video game stores provide. In addition to providing brand-new games, pre-owned games, accessories, hardware, collectibles, in-game currency, full game downloads, and more., they also offer coupons for discounts on your next purchase. Unfortunately, the $5 off voucher ends each month; therefore you’ll either need to use it or lose it.

What does digital mean on GameStop?

This code will be accessible digitally after you buy a Digital product from our website. After your order has been verified by our Customer Support staff , the DLC code will appear in the orders section of the website at

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