How do I cancel USPS? – [Answer] 2022


To cancel mail forwarding, log in to your account and follow the instructions. You can also call (1-800-ASK-USPS) or visit your local branch for an update.

There are several reasons you might want to try and cancel USPS services. For example, if you find a competitor’s shipping rates that are substantially cheaper than the ones offered by USPS at first glance, it is your right as a consumer to request for your shipment to be cancelled right away. It is also possible that you have decided not to do business with the receiver anymore or that you found another shipping company much better suited for your needs so you want to jump ship ASAP. Whatever the case, if there is an ongoing contract between you and USPS and it concerns mail delivery service, requesting for cancellation should not be too complicated anyway. In fact, here’s how you can go about cancelling your US Postal Service account:

Note: we checked this information on – it was correct at the time this article was written (May 2012).

1. Visit your local post office branch or call 1-800-ASK-USPS to request for cancellation over the phone.

2. When you let them know that you wish to cancel, be prepared with some identification and also have your mail account number handy when they ask for it. You will also need to tell them which postal services you use, if any, that are associated with this account so they can be discontinued as well.

3. If you are applying for cancellation via email or fax, make sure to include all relevant information like your name and address in the message subject line and body respectively such that your mail will not be misplaced.

4. Then, proceed to print out a cover sheet and write down the reason for cancellation on that form. You can also give them an extra copy if you wish and ask them to send it directly to the manager or any USPS staff with a designation of Customer Relations (CR). This move is necessary to make sure that they act upon your request right away so you won’t have to wait on hold too long when calling in again after a few days later. Credit card payments are final and cannot be canceled once charged but mail shipping service packages should fall under this process no matter what method you used to pay for it in the first place (credit/debit card, check etc). Also, note that any outstanding debts you might have with USPS will still need to be paid.

5. If your cancellation request is approved, the CR department will send you a letter of confirmation with future instructions on how to proceed so make sure to save this email for your records as well as other related documents and information about what to expect next like refund policies etc. Usually, it takes 5-7 business days for shipping services to be discontinued but if you call early enough, then this time frame could significantly shorten up. You can also use the same procedures outlined above to cancel USPS media mail service if that pertains to your case instead by replacing all references to “shipping” and “mail” with “media”. However, do note that they are two separate services so you will have to complete both cancellation processes if necessary.

6. If your request is denied, then wait at least 30 days after the date stamped on that letter and call again for another chance to speak with the CR department and re-state your reason for canceling the company’s services. They are usually pretty flexible about these things but be prepared in case they require you provide additional information because this might delay the process further until everything checks out okay.

7. There is also a possibility that some of your mail may not get delivered if USPS was previously your main mode of mail delivery service and you did not inform them ahead of time beforehand or got rid of it all when trying to cancel an account (which isn’t very smart by the way). If you notice that mail is still coming to your old address after you have already canceled, then it is advisable to contact your local post office branch while also asking them on how to proceed with this matter.

8. USPS previously had a long list of reasons for cancelling an active account but thankfully, they have now decided to simplify it in their Code of Federal Regulations section 233.3b and has been adjusted as follows: “Customer requests cancellation of his or her entire mail forwarding service; or Customer submits a written request for cancellation under 5 U.S.C. 5584 (see DMM 508.1.5)”. This is also part of an effort they are trying to put in place to reduce the company’s operating costs by $3 billion a year.

That’s it, now you know how to properly cancel USPS services when necessary in case you ever decide that it no longer fits your needs and requirements anymore. Also, note that if you have any other postal service accounts with them, then those will be automatically canceled as well after doing so unless they are not shipped via mail at all (in which case they will still need to be done manually instead). Avoiding such problems ahead of time is considered best practice since this allows both organizations to better coordinate their efforts for greater efficiency and organization.

How do I cancel USPS?

To cancel mail forwarding, log in to your account and follow the instructions. You can also call (1-800-ASK-USPS) or visit your local branch for an update.

How do I cancel a USPS subscription?

To cancel your subscription, go to your account’s page and select the ‘Cancel Subscription’ option in order number.

Can you close a USPS account?

Once you select the USPS tab, a drop-down form will appear, choose My Online Account. On a new page, enter your credentials and then click Continue. Then type in your username on the message box and provide an honest reason to delete your account. Finally, click Continue once more.

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