How can I delete my IMO account without phone number? – [Answer] 2022


The following is the latest information about opening an IMO account without verifying your phone number.

How to delete imo account permanently

I have created this account using my mother’s phone as she is the only one who uses a sim at home. She has since blocked her number and I’ve started to use data more often so want a separate line with my own SIM card. I don’t want to cancel my 10-month project as I will lose all scores/progress, but I also don’t need an IMO account. Please help!

Hello, we are sorry for the inconvenience caused by that. You can choose “cancel registration” in your “Profile” section if you just need to delete your contact information from our database without any scores or data on the site:

Please note: We will be asking members of the team to answer questions. Please be patient and bear in mind, as you would with any advice given by a stranger over Twitter, that we can’t promise this is all correct information or that it’s not been given without bias! If you can please use the hashtag #MathsQs where relevant.

What’s your competitive arena experience? Who do you plan to compete against/with for IMO 2018? (image) I participate almost every year since 6th grade and now I am preparing for IMO 2018 again after a break during my last year of primary school. During this time I am practicing with my teammates as much as possible and we planned to participate in the “Estonia Open” competition at Tallinn University in March 2018.

How to Delete imo Account

I have competed alone recently, but that was during a one-off tournament organized by my secondary school where individual scores were kept. Before then, I had always participated in team events with three other people; 2 of which are no longer active and 1 who now studies overseas so is unavailable for any practice sessions or competitions until next year (and she isn’t taking part). As such, I have decided to put together a new team for IMO 2018 with two close friends from the same class group.

We have been training on our own since January and arranged a session with our teachers to prepare for the Estonia Open in March. We are slowly growing more confident in our problem-solving skills thanks to practice and additional guidance offered at training sessions, but we usually only work on problems that we know will be asked at competitions or online classes during school hours. The most helpful classes that I have attended were held by the teacher who helped us form our team two years ago.

Are you participating in any other competitions/events alongside IMO? (image) I am speaking from personal experience when I say that it is important to try not to overdo things; especially if you’re still new to competing. As such, yes, my team and I have decided against attending other competitions this year because we believe that our focus should be on the IMO.

The only other competition I was planning to attend is the Estonia Open (March 2018), which was set up by my secondary school, but sadly, due to some issues between my teammates and myself, I have decided not to participate next year as well after our disappointing experience last time. One of my teammates is currently studying overseas and so won’t be available for practice sessions or competitions until she returns in early 2019, while the other had an injury that caused her to stop solving altogether a few months ago; meaning there are only two of us left from our initial team. This wouldn’t necessarily be a problem if it wasn’t for how long it takes to regain all of your speed and accuracy after you’ve been out of practice for so long.

How can I delete my IMO account without phone number?

The following is the latest information about opening an IMO account without verifying your phone number.

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