Does deleting email account on iPhone delete contacts? – [Answer] 2022


As soon as an email address is syncing with an iPhone, contacts saved within the account will also sync. This means that when contact on your phone is deleted, it will also be deleted from the mail account after they are synchronized together.

If you delete your account on my iphone will all my contacts be deleted too? If so, are they recoverable or gone forever?

All the email account use the IMAP protocol to sync and backup user files. So make sure that when you remove your iCloud/Google/Microsoft/Yahoo accounts from iPhone, you need log in into the webmail interface and either manually mark them as deleted OR empty trash bin folder for permanently deleting all the emails & contact information. Otherwise not only you won’t be able to delete account completely but also find it hard for Apple data recovery, vidoes tutorials recovery tool like PhoneRescue (Windows) / PhoneRescue 3 (Mac) .

Beside, it’s easy to get lost your important photo, video files when you delete your email account on iPhone without taking measures. So please remember to clean up all the trash before removing any imap account from iphone.

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Does deleting email account on iPhone delete contacts?

As soon as an email address is syncing with an iPhone, contacts saved within the account will also sync. This means that when contact on your phone is deleted, it will also be deleted from the mail account after they are synchronized together.

Will I lose contacts if I delete email account?

Contacts stored only on your Google account will be lost if you lose your phone.

What happens if I delete my email account on iPhone?

If you delete the email account from your iPhone, the email address and password will both remain untouched. You will still be able to change back to this email account on your iPhone should you choose to do so.

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