Can I delete my uber account? – [Answer] 2022


Delete my uber account follow the instruction below:

Once you’ve canceled your account, it’ll be instantly disabled. After 30 days, the account will be permanently deleted, and any unused credits, offers, or rewards will be removed. Uber may retain certain personal information after the cancellation of an account as required or permitted by law.

How to Delete Your Uber Account (2019)

How to Delete your Uber Account Permanently

What happens when I delete my Uber account?

Your data is removed immediately and cannot be recovered. You can’t reactivate your account or retrieve any of the content or information you provided when you created your account (e.g., car preferences, saved addresses, etc.). If you created an uberPOOL account or linked your Uber and Facebook accounts, those accounts will also be permanently deleted.

Uber application data is stored for 30 days after you delete your account. If you log into your account during this time, the application data is permanently reinstated and all trip history is restored. After 30 days, the application data contained in that account is deleted forever.

How do I delete my Uber account?

Your Uber account is automatically deleted if you haven’t logged in for six consecutive months. You can also delete your account at any time by going to the Account & Payment section of the app and clicking “Cancel my account.” Keep in mind, deleting your account means you won’t be able to use Uber anymore. You will lose access to all rides that have not yet been paid for with actual money.

After I deleted my account, I was still getting charged – what’s up with that?

The charges are coming from pre-existing ride credits that were applied before you requested to cancel your account; they’re separate from “actual” money you’ve put into the system through payment methods like credit cards or Paypal.
But don’t worry – when you delete your account, all ride credits are converted to cash and put in your Uber user account’s wallet.
You’ll be able to access that cash by going into the “Payment” tab in your app, scrolling down below “Add Payment Method,” and tapping on either “Account Balance” or “Promo/Referral Code.” (source)

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