Where does Google save credit card info? – [Answer] 2022


If you save a credit card in Google Payments, go to payments.google.com to manage your credit card. The credit cards you’ve saved in Chrome and Google Payments will appear as a dropdown list when you’re paying for something online.

How to use Google pay in Chrome

Remove Payment Method Credit Card / Debit Card From Google Play Store

Lately, when I try to buy something on Google Play, I find myself frustrated because it asks me for my credit card information. The problem with this is that every time you create a new account and provide your credit card information and then later want to delete the account or change the payment method, you have to go through the same process again.

This may not seem like a big deal at first but if you are creating an account for each of your family members who also use Android devices, the amount of time it takes really adds up. But there are ways around this!

There are two different methods that will allow you to store your credit card information in Google Wallet without having to re-enter it into each app or website where you want to use it.

The first method is using Google Wallet’s browser based authentication, which works in most web browsers (tested in Chrome and Safari). The other method is the “Off-The-Record” plugin for the Pidgin multi-platform chat client.

How do I find my saved credit cards on Google?

If you’ve linked your Google account to Chrome and have a credit card linked to Google Pay, you’ll see it in the drop-down menu under Settings > Autofill > Payment Methods (like in the section above).

Where does Google save payment info?

When you purchase a Google service (such as Google One) or make a purchase within a Google product (such as Google Play), your payment information is saved to your Google Account. On Google Pay, you can see or modify this data.

Where does Chrome store my credit card information?

Chrome maintains a special folder on your computer where you can view and edit your autofill data (credit card, address, and passwords) via the browser’s Settings menu. So I go to my wrench icon in the top right corner first. The Settings option appears in the window that opens when I click the wrench symbol in the upper right-hand corner.

How do I remove my credit card information from Google?

Go to your Google Play account on your computer. Edit payment methods. You’ll go to your pay.google.com account instead. Select Payment options from the left-hand menu. Click Remove next to the payment method you’d like to get rid of. Remove

Does Chrome save credit card info?

When you’re signed into Chrome with your Google Account and input your payment method into a form on the web, Chrome may prompt you to save your payment information in Google Pay. If you agree, your payment information will be saved in Google Pay.

Is it safe to save credit card info in Chrome?

Correct. Chrome must be able to access your number as long as Chrome can utilize it for auto-completion. If one program on your computer can accomplish this, then another program or at the very least people may also do so. Even with encryption, the result is true.

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