When you delete a content on social media site will it be gone forever? – [Answer] 2022


If you permanently delete a social networking site, everything you’ve ever posted to it will be lost forever. There’s a 30-day grace period during which you can reverse your account deletion, and Facebook keeps your data for up to 90 days after deletion.

Do you know the answer to this question? When you delete a post on social media site will it be gone forever? You might think that deleting your content is enough- but not always.

People are often surprised to learn that some social media sites offer an option for users to “unpublish” posts instead of deleting them, which means that they can still be seen by people who had already liked or followed you before the deletion. So if someone deletes something of their own content and then decides later they want it back up on their profile, what should they do? The solution is simple: just go into settings, find the post in question, click “edit,” and select ‘repost’ from the drop down menu. This will put the post back up on your profile where it was before you decided to unpublish it.

Here are a few other tips for protecting your privacy online: Delete old posts that were published on a public social media account and then later removed from your private account before someone spots them and re-shares them on a new post on their page. Go into settings, find the post in question, click “edit,” and select ‘repost’ from the drop down menu. This will put the post back up on your profile where it was before you decided to unpublish it. Make sure that all social media accounts are set to private – this means that only friends can view content posted by users.

When you delete a content on social media site will it be gone forever?

Deleting your account on Facebook removes much of the same information that deactivating does, but it is gone forever.

What happens when you delete something from social media?

After deleting an email on your computer or device, it moves to a “Deleted Items” folder. Empty this folder and you permanently delete the message—from your point of view. However, even if you empty the Deleted Items folder, messages can remain on the provider’s servers for an indefinite amount that remains unknown to us.

How do I delete all traces on social media?

The more extreme option to deactivate your Facebook account is to delete everything. If you want to cancel your account, go into Settings and General, then Manage Your Account. This will allow you the opportunity later on to reactivate your account and save photos or other data.

Will It Be Deleted Forever & And If So What Happens Next?

Like always, let’s answer all your queries one by one starting with your first question. As mentioned above, the most important question for every social media user must be “What happens when I delete a post/content from social media sites?”. The answer you’ll find here is pretty simple and straightforward because all the social media sites work on similar lines. You can check the details below about what happens when I delete a post/content from social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Tumblr

What Happens When I Delete a Post/Content From Social Media Sites?

When you delete content on any social media site firstly it will be removed from your profile (as in your timeline) and then it will be completely erased from their servers in a maximum time interval of 7 days to 30 Days (as per company’s terms). So basically if you have deleted anything yesterday or last week then there are huge chances that it is no longer available on the website now.
But wait! There is more to it because you are not only removing the content from your timeline and then from the site’s servers but also other people will no longer be able to see that post/content if they see a post on their profile feed.
Here we have listed down all essential details regarding how long does a Facebook post lasts, how long do Tweets remain visible on Twitter, when Instagram deletes posts, What Happens When I Delete a Post/Content From Tumblr? So without wasting any time let’s get started!

How Long Do Posts & Content Last On Facebook?

As per company policies of Facebook all the items you share on your profile like photos, status updates, videos, events, etc should be relevant and useful for your audience so that they can discover more about you and keep them engaged.
If a post doesn’t fulfill these two criteria then it must not stay on your timeline forever. The company wants only the posts/content which will help people to learn new stuff are shared on their platform so if someone shares something useless after some time it’ll make his/her profile look horrible especially when someone visits his profile for the first time.
So how long do Facebook posts last? A normal post is visible in the feed of all your friends or followers for 24-hours while a sponsored post has a maximum lifetime of 7 days as per policy unless you have paid to extend its visibility like Google Adwords on Google.

How Long Do Tweets Last?

If you are active on Twitter and have at least a few followers then surely you must be knowing that tweets or posts last only for 24 hours after which it’ll vanish from the site’s servers even when there are thousands of Retweets, Likes & Reblogs (in case of Tumblr) but remember it won’t include your profile where you can see the post forever as per company policy.
So how long do Tweets remain visible on Twitter? Well if the tweet or post is not so important for you then simply delete it by clicking the Trash Can icon (with a big X on it) which can be found at the bottom of your page when you are logged-in. But if it is then simply try to add some more value by adding new hashtags, ask questions or share something else related to the topic of the post so that people will keep discovering new things every time they visit your profile.

When Does Instagram Delete Posts?

Yeah! You heard it right now there’s no option available for permanently erasing posts from Instagram like Facebook or Twitter but one thing is for sure that all photos and videos once shared on Instagram are visible to the public forever. But there’s one thing you should know that if someone removes your photo or video then it’ll vanish from their profile and won’t be visible anywhere except on yours.
So when does Instagram delete posts? Well if anyone steals your photo(s) and shares it/them without giving any credit to your account then simply click that person’s name within the picture, choose Report This Photo option and select the appropriate option from its drop-down menu as per requirement (Photo Stolen, Duplicate Content etc.).

How Long Do Tumblr Posts Last?

If you are an active Tumblr user then surely you must be knowing that all the posts which are shared on Tumblr like pictures, videos, status updates etc remain visible forever even if you delete them.

So when does Tumblr delete posts?

Well you can try to ask the person who has stolen your content (if it is) and if they refuse then leave it in their inbox because they’ll get a notification whenever someone asks about something related to their post. They will again visit your profile and see a request from his/her inbox so he/she will have to give credit or remove it

What Happens When I Delete A Post/Content From Tumblr?

As said earlier all the digital media items which are posted on websites like Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter etc. are visible to the public forever unless someone deletes them but if you remove a post or content from the site then it’ll be erased from the server of that particular service and won’t appear anywhere else except on your profile/timeline.

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