What happens if I delete VSCO? – [Answer] 2022


Deleted accounts include your photos, as well as mobile and desktop purchases. You won’t be able to reactivate your account or retrieve anything after your account has been terminated, and the VSCO profile name linked with your account can no longer be used to establish a new account or connect it to an existing one.

How to delete VSCO account

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Does deleting the VSCO app delete your account?

The VSCO app may be deleted from your phone by going to the following location: Settings App Caches and preferences -> The VSCO application can be removed from your phone via these steps: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Can you make your VSCO account private?

Unlike most social media sites, VSCO does not include like or comment buttons. Users are unable to see who is following them on the site. Although VSCO has fairly strict privacy settings, they are limited in number. Users aren’t allowed to make their accounts private, so anyone may view their photos and posts.

How long does it take to delete VSCO account?

Once you’ve completed the last stage of deletion, VSCO will immediately take care of your request. Your public content will still be visible on VSCO while your request is being processed. All files, including photos and purchases, will be erased.

When you block someone on VSCO Can they still see your pictures?

After you’ve blocked someone, they can still view your VSCO Profile and photographs. Blocking doesn’t prevent the person from seeing your VSCO Profile or photos, even if they can’t communicate with you or interact with your material. The user’s past saved pictures and reprints will not be erased. You may also remove any photo from

Where did my VSCO journals go?

Unfortunately, private journals are no longer available in the VSCO app or on the web. Your published journal may be viewed through the web version of VSCO, however any non-published private journals have been removed from access.

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