How long does it take for a LinkedIn profile to be deleted? – [Answer] 2022


Remove all your information from the site after receiving an email stating that your account is being closed. LinkedIn will delete all of your personal details from its servers within seven days, as long as you contact them to cancel your account.

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How To Delete LinkedIn Account

LinkedIn profiles can be deleted by the account owner at any time. If you have a Premium account, it will take a few days to delete the profile. The main reason for deleting a LinkedIn profile is to prevent other people from seeing the profile.

If you want to delete your account permanently and immediately, go to and click on “Email Us” at the bottom of the page . Fill out the contact form with your name, email address and reason for deleting this account and send it. If you do not see an option for deletion in the help center than check again later since they are removing them gradually due to recent security concerns.

If you have any present connections or people who viewed your profile recently, know that they will receive an invitation message informing them of your decision to quit LinkedIn. They will become your connections if they accept this invitation within 30 days. You can choose to cancel the invitation before it is accepted.

LinkedIn has removed that function but if you send an invitation even though you delete your account, it’ll be like any other blank email and won’t go through since they won’t send a confirmation. Be aware that if you remove your account, you will lose all of your connections.

If you died, change the name to anything else (like “John Doe’s LinkedIn Profile”) and contact each person to make them accept this name change. If possible , ask them to connect with John Doe (the dead person) in order to prevent spam messages from being sent to their email box . When they do so, a second request will be sent automatically by LinkedIn asking for an approval of the connection. If they don’t confirm it, you’ll have to re-connect by being a direct link between them and John Doe.

In your case, just change the name of the account to “John Doe’s LinkedIn Profile” so people won’t be able to locate nor contact you. Visit and enter your full name on this site . It will search for all of your usernames on different social networks using a regular expression pattern matching but with advanced wildcards (*) which makes it very accurate compared to other sites that only use simple expressions patterns instead of advanced ones.

Do LinkedIn profiles get deleted?

LinkedIn’s Privacy Policy promises that your profile will be removed from the site within 24 hours, but the data in it is not so simple to delete. If you decide to terminate your account, you should not be able to discover it after 24 hours.

Does LinkedIn delete your account after 30 days?

We will de-identify any logs or other backup information within 30 days of account closure, with the exception noted in our Privacy Policy, unless it is necessary to preserve transaction records for tax purposes.

How do I delete a LinkedIn account that is no longer accessible?

To delete your LinkedIn account, go to the upper-right corner of your page and click the Me button. Select Settings & Privacy from the drop-down menu. Under Account management on the Account tab, select Change next to Closing Your LinkedIn Account. Make sure it’s for a good cause and that you’re willing to proceed, then click Next.

How long does it take LinkedIn to verify identity?

When you try to access your account, LinkedIn will offer you a check-up option. Upload your photos and then submit after selecting your nation as well as the images. Your account will be reviewed for accuracy in 2-5 business days.

Can I reopen my LinkedIn account after closing it?

You can reactivate your LinkedIn account if you closed it within the last five months. Restoring recommendations and groups is not possible for accounts that have been shut, but your user name may be kept. You will need to create a new account if more than five months have gone by since your previous one was closed.

What happens if I delete my LinkedIn account?

Closing your account will remove any recommendations or endorsements you’ve given or received, as well as your messages and connections. Closing your account means that your profile will be deleted permanently and that you will no longer have access to any of your LinkedIn data on our site.

Can I hide my LinkedIn profile from everyone?

According to LinkedIn, here’s how to make your public profile private: Go to the top of your LinkedIn homepage and click the “Me” button. On the right side of your profile, choose “View Profile” then “Edit Public Profile & URL”. Under the “Edit Visibility” box on the right side, switch “Your profile’s public visibility” to “Off.”

Can you reactivate LinkedIn profile?

You may reactivate your account immediately by attempting to log into your LinkedIn account or using the provided link on a computer or mobile device. If the link does not work, you will be sent to the login screen. Click Reactivate to begin this process.

Can you have 2 profiles on LinkedIn?

Users are not permitted to have two separate LinkedIn profiles or accounts. If another person reports you, LinkedIn has the authority to terminate both of your accounts without further notice.

Why can’t I hibernate my LinkedIn account?

“The account is now linked with an enterprise product.” If you’re an admin, please transfer your administrator status to another admin before hibernating your account. Please work with your administrator to cancel that license before hibernating your account if you’re not an admin.

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