How do you unlink a Madden mobile account? – [Answer] 2022


Unlink a Madden mobile account follow the instructions below:

To remove madden mobile from your Android device, go to Google Play and remove it from the “My Apps & Games” icon in the menu bar in the top left corner. After removing Uninstaller from your phone, go to the apps page and select “X” next to madden mobile to get rid of it permanently from your devices app history and permissions.



I am here to tell you about the day I went on a quest to unlink my Madden Mobile account. What started as an innocent task ended with me sobbing in front of my computer, so lets just say it was not an experience I want to go through again.

I started out by going to the app store and downloading Madden mobile, which was pretty easy. After that, I created an account and got stuck trying to figure out how to logout of my current account without deleting it-which is what prompted this blog post! Turns out there are two ways-one is just logging out via your email or phone number, but if you have forgotten any information connected with your old username/password then you will need this article for help.

1. First we need to go into the settings of the app by clicking the gear on your home screen and scrolling down until you get to ‘your account’. This will bring up a list of options, but we only want two so click on ‘unlink account’.

2. Now that we are in unlink accounts, all you have to do is type in your email and hit next, and it’ll ask for your password and everything! Once you enter your information, it will say:

So now that thats done- congrats on having an unlinked Madden Mobile Account! You can download madden mobile again if you want to play with a new username/password (just know that is no going back once it is done!).

How do I unlink my EA account from Madden?

Go to the EA Account settings page. Click on Connections in the left-hand menu. Locate the account you wish to unlink and click the Unlink button next to it. Read the information carefully and make your decision knowing all of the hazards mentioned above.

How do you reset your Madden mobile account?

Go to your phone’s settings, then disconnect your Facebook account. Delete everything from your Google Play and Facebook accounts. Then sign out and sign in with a new Google play account and fb account. It will be perplexed when you open the game back up, so it will offer you the option of starting a new game.

How do I change my EA account on Madden?

If you want to use your EA ACCOUNT with a different Gamertag or PSN ID, simply go on one of our games from a different Gamertag or PSN ID (if you’re on console). You can have only one Gamertag/PSN ID connected to an EA account.

How do you switch accounts on Madden mobile?

You simply link your guest account to a Facebook account in order to move between two of the same operating systems, such as an old iOS and a current iOS device. You then sign into your new device and log back into your Facebook account after you’ve completed it.

How do I unlink my Madden mobile account from Apple?

On the Link Accounts screen, you may remove a Facebook, Google Play Games, or Apple ID account link. Simply select Unlink next to the account you wish to unlink from. Only one EA Account may be linked to Madden NFL 21 Mobile at a time.

How do you log into a different account on Madden mobile?

Guest accounts are limited to one device, and you can’t use them on a different gadget. The only way to utilize your account on several devices is to connect it to a Facebook, Google+, or Game Center account.

How do you reset your EA account on Madden 20?

Here’s how to do it on Xbox: Make a new account on your Xbox while keeping your old one logged in, and Voila! You may play online with your fresh ea account while still utilizing your previous one.

How do I link Madden mobile to Madden 21?

Tap the menu icon (the three lines in the upper left corner of the main menu). Tap Settings. nLink Accounts should be selected next to Link Accounts. You should see an Unlinked EA Account here. You’ll be given a verification code, which you must type in.

How do I delete my Madden data?

Go to the main in-game menu of Madden NFL and select Customize. Choose Share and Manage Files, then Load and Delete Files to display the game’s file list. Remove the files under Profile and Roster from the game’s file list.

How do I see what accounts are linked to my Xbox?

Yes, you can see what apps are linked to your Xbox account by going to manage links or something on your console.

Is EA getting hacked?

751GB of compressed EA data containing FIFA 21 source code is leaked, with the hacker claiming it was a data dump from a hack that took place in June 2021. According to EA, no player information was included in the stolen data, which has been confirmed by this week’s data leak.

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