How do you delete your Instagram on the app? – [Answer] 2022


Delete Instagram on the app follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the “Delete Your Account page”.
  2. Logged into Instagram on the web, you’ll be asked to log in first.
  3. Select an option from the dropdown menu next to Why are you deleting your account? and re-enter your password.
  4. Click or tap Permanently delete my account.

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Recover deleted Instagram messages and conversations in 2021

If you’re reading this, then it’s likely that you want to delete your Instagram account for one reason or another. Whether it’s because of the ads on the platform, or just not using it anymore. I don’t blame you! But deleting your account can be a hassle if you don’t know how to do so properly. Luckily, with the help of this article, we’ll show you exactly how to delete your Instagram account in less than 60 seconds!

First, head on over to the deletion page by clicking here. To get there directly, just use this link:  Note that you can only delete your account if it is inactive for a certain period of time! For Instagram and Facebook in Canada and most other countries (not in Europe), all you need in order to be able to remove your account immediately is a valid email address or phone number associated with the account. You do not need anything else such as an access code sent via text message.

For Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest however, they require you to sign in through your web browser (this means that you cannot delete your profile from a phone or tablet). Also, don’t worry if you see a message saying that your account is ‘inactive’, it’s likely because Instagram has not been able to confirm yet whether it’s actually your account.

After entering the page, simply click on Delete Profile and enter in the password for your Instagram account! Bam! You’ll get a popup with some text confirming that your request was submitted successfully.

If you check back a while later on the site, hopefully, you won’t be able to find any trace of yourself on there anymore! However, remember that just deleting an account will not remove its history from third-party apps such as Twitter or Pinterest. So if you want to do that too then read this article instead about how to delete your social media history.

How do I permanently delete my Instagram account?

Log into your Instagram account and visit the Delete Account page. Enter your password, then click “Permanently delete my account.” Your Instagram account is now deleted.

How do I delete my Instagram without deleting the app?

For temporary deactivation, visit on a web browser. Tap the profile icon on the top-right of the page and select “Edit Profile.” Select “Temporarily disable my account” and choose why you are temporarily deleting your account. Enter your password to confirm that you would like to deactivate Instagram and tap “Done.”

How can I close a Gmail account?

Go to and select the Data and personalization link on the left side of the page. Scroll all the way down until you see “Delete a service or your account”, then click that option to get started. After clicking this option, I am prompted with a warning message box:

How do I delete my Instagram account permanently from my phone?

To delete your Instagram account, log in to the app on a web browser and go upstairs. Select Delete Account next to your username from within the menu. Next, select one of the reasons for deleting an Instagram account and enter your password again before selecting Delete My account if you have forgotten your password or it is not accepting it anymore, please head on over to our Help Center article about resetting Instagram passwords.

Can you permanently delete an email address?

You can also delete your email account on Android, using a web browser like Chrome, but deleting it through the desktop is more convenient.

What happens when I delete my Instagram?

All traces of your Instagram presence will vanish from all devices and platforms, including third-party apps and websites that may have linked to social media accounts. Your friends will no longer see your posts in their newsfeeds either – so they’ll need to actively check back on you.

How do you delete your Instagram account?

In order to delete your Instagram account completely from its roots and not just remove it from the app, visit Unfortunately, there’s no direct link available that allows you to quickly access this page. However, once there is a link we’ll be sure to update this article!

What’s the difference between deleting and deactivating your Instagram?

Deleting your Instagram account will take it off all devices. Deactivating means you’ll still be able to view past photos but won’t be able to post new images. If you want a break from the social media site, just deactivate your account for a while. In order to reactivate, go into Settings > Your Account > Scroll down and click ‘Reactivate’.

Are there any other ways to delete my photos?

Yes! You can also remove individual or multiple posts from both desktop and mobile versions of the app by clicking on them then click the trash icon. This option only removes images on Instagram – they are safe in your camera roll too.

Is deleting your Instagram account permanent?

Yes, once you’ve deleted the account it’s gone for good. However, if you change your mind about leaving Instagram you can create a new one – just don’t use the same username or email address! You also won’t be able to re-create an old profile with the same details, so it’s best to start fresh.

How to turn off comments on Instagram?

Enabling or disabling comments in your profile is a really easy process. You can do it on the web, mobile app and within Stories – just check out our separate article detailing how to turn off comments on Instagram.

What happens if you don’t delete your Instagram?

If you decide not to delete your account, certain limited details about the account will still be visible via search engines for at least an additional 18 months after the deletion of the account.

Do I lose my followers when I delete my Instagram?

Nope! When you cancel your account, these users will remain active and follow other profiles until they manually unfollow them again. Your follower count won’t change, but this could take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.
When you delete your Instagram account, new sign-ups will see an alert message informing them that the username isn’t eligible for registration and when it was deleted. This is designed to prevent others from hijacking your username and trying to impersonate you on the app.

What happens if I change my mind about deleting my Instagram?

You can always turn back! If you’ve deleted your account in error or simply decided you didn’t want to leave, after all, head over here and log in with your username and password (your email address has been canceled). Once logged into your account again, click ‘Cancel Deletion’. The only thing to remember is that you can’t use the same username or email address to create a new account.

Can I log back into my account once I’ve deleted it?

Nope! If you try and sign up again with the same username as before, a message will pop up saying “Sorry but this username is already used by someone else.” (To read this in full, click here.) This is an anti-hijacking measure – no other account can use the name of an existing user. However, there are ways around this – such as using a similar name with an extra emoji or symbol, for example. Just don’t expect this to work forever – it’s just a safety measure Instagram has put in place for new

I’m not sure if I want to delete my account yet – what should I do?

Check out our 10 reasons why you might consider deleting your Instagram profile: 1) It’s just too much pressure 2) There are other social media platforms that offer more privacy 3) I don’t want to check it all the time 4) I feel anxious if I don’t post 5) There’s too much pressure to look good 6) There are some things I don’t want people to see 7) It makes me jealous of other people’s photos 8) It gives me anxiety 9) I’m bored of how cluttered my feed is 10) People on there aren’t real.

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