How do you delete someones account on Instagram? – [Answer] 2022


To delete an Instagram account, log in to your account. Click the gear icon located at the top of the screen > Settings > Delete Account. Fill out the user information popup and click “OK” to initiate deletion.

One can delete their Instagram account by logging into their profile, clicking on “settings”, scrolling down until they see “delete your account”, filling out all of their personal information, and clicking on “ok”.

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How do you delete someones account on Instagram?

It’s a question that I get asked a lot. People want to know how they can make sure someone doesn’t have access to their insta account anymore. The answer is actually pretty simple, but it requires you to spend a few minutes of your time deleting the person from your friend list and following them again. Here are the steps:

1) Go into your settings section by clicking on ‘Your Profile’ in the menu at the top of your screen

2) Click ‘Friends & Followers’ then click ‘Edit Your Friends List’ or ‘Add Friend’ if they’re not already there

3) Search for the person’s account and click on it

4) A window will pop up prompting you to either ‘remove’ or ‘delete’ them from your friend list. Click ‘remove’

5) When you are done, go back to your profile screen and click on ‘Followers’ at the top of the menu bar. This time search for the persons name so they appear in your followers list

6) A window will pop up that says “Are you sure you want to unfollow” – press ‘Unfollow’. You won’t be able follow them again unless they follow you first. That’s it! Now everything should be deleted on their end as well. If this doesn’t delete the person you want to remove from your account, try blocking them and deleting their comments within the next few days.

If they still have access to your account even after doing all of this, it’s better to deactivate your instagram account for a few weeks or months and then reactivate it by signing back in with the same username and password that you used before. It’s not possible for someone else to create an email address and become you on Instagram, so if you can’t get rid of someone despite following these steps, your only option is suspension (which is rare) or deactivation (which is what I do when I don’t feel like dealing with certain people anymore).

Is there a limit to how many times I can deactivate my account?

No, you do not. You can activate and deactivate your account as many times as you want. If you have pending followers or pending following when you deactivate, they will disappear when your account reactivates.

Do you lose followers when deleting your account?

No, your followers will stay on the posts you’ve already made.
When someone deletes their account on Instagram, people can still visit their posts and like and comment as usual. Anyone who tries to find the person’s profile after deletion won’t be able to and instead will see a message explaining why it is hidden. It’s possible that people still following an ex-account owner might get notified when someone they follow becomes inactive, but there is no other action taken to remove accounts from the system or erase information about them.

Can you reactivate an Instagram account after deactivating it?

It depends. Whether you reactivate the account or if the user deleted it, both cases are based on Instagram’s policy. If you delete your account, then yes, it is possible to reactivate an Instagram account.

If you want to reactivate an Instagram following deletion of your account after 12 months have elapsed, all previous accounts will show up but requests for new accounts can be made by emailing customer service with a request for reinstatement at [email protected] Individual accounts cannot be reactivated in this manner and must contact their old username within twelve months of deletion in order to have the username restored anyways social media examples being facebook due to Facebook’s limitation that states usernames are unique per person or company.

Do you have to delete all of your posts before deleting your account?

No, it is not necessary to delete all of your posts. You can hide them as a way of archiving the account if you decide to come back later.
If you want to delete your Google+ account, first download and save any information you want to keep, then go to Click “Delete your account or services” and follow the instructions that appear afterwards. It will take up two weeks for the deletion process, but after that time has expired, your profile will be gone for good along with all its content – so make sure no data gets lost!
If you change your mind about deleting your account, click “Undo” on the deletion page. But keep in mind that it might take up to 30 days for Google+ to restore automatically linked accounts.

What is the password for your account?

It’s visible in your browser as soon as you log in.
The password is visible as soon as you log into your account and remain so for the rest of the session. If you don’t see it, please contact us and we will help you out with resetting or retrieving your password.

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