How do you delete messages on Reddit app? – [Answer] 2022


Delete messages on Reddit app follow the instructions below:

  1. Launch And logged into the Reddit app.
  2. Click the Chat menu located next.
  3. Select the user where you have to delete the message.
  4. Long press the message for few seconds.

How To Delete Messages In Reddit App (WORKING!)

How to Use Reddit Mobile app

Users of the Windows Phone Reddit app can now delete their messages from the messaging threads.

Reddit is one of the most popular websites on the internet, and its mobile application for Windows Phone seems to be gaining popularity too among users as it has started rolling out an update that brings a slew of new features. Two weeks ago, Microsoft rolled out a big update for its Reddit app which brought along a range of new features and fixes for some existing bugs and issues, but today they are rolling out yet another major update to the app with additional functionality. Though this new feature may seem easy to implement, it took developers two years to integrate this functionality in their Windows Phone application since there was “a long-standing challenge in implementing deleting messages”. All you need to do now is press and hold the message for about three seconds, a dialog box will pop up containing Delete options.

How do I clear my Reddit history?

Step 1: Tap your profile picture in the top-left corner of the screen.
Step 2: Tap “Settings.”
Step 3: Under “Advanced,” tap “Clear local history.”
Step 4: Tap “Clear local history” on the window that appears to complete the process.

How do you delete a comment on Reddit?

Click the “Delete” link next to a post or comment you wish to remove. There is an ellipsis (…”) symbol below the item you want to delete; click it, then choose “Delete.” A warning box will appear asking whether you’re sure that deleting a post may not be undone. To confirm your selection, click the “Delete Post” option.

How do you quickly delete a comment on Reddit?

To access your comments, go to and scroll down a bit. You’ll now see a new ‘Delete all my comments’ button below your Karma rating. To begin the deletion procedure, click on it. Nuke Reddit History will transform all of your remarks into a jumble of random characters before deleting them one by one.

Does Reddit track your history?

Reddit works in much the same way as it does on mobile, collecting information about your browser, operating system, and IP address. Reddit claims that it will delete all of this data from its servers every 90 days—except for the IP address you used to create your Reddit account.

Does Reddit app keep history?

The Reddit browsing history feature works as you’d expect. It’s comparable to a web browser’s history, except that instead of websites, it’s all just Reddit articles. You can see the items you’ve viewed as long as you’re logged into the app using your Reddit account.

Does deleting comments remove karma?

The karma you earn or lose at the moment is unrelated to the posts you acquire or lose it from. In other words, deleting a post will not erase your karma!

Can I delete my Reddit post?

To remove a post from your profile, tap your avatar in the upper left corner of the screen and then My Profile. This will take you to a list of all the content you’ve published. Next to the delete button in the upper right corner of the post you wish to erase, click … , then select Delete post.

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