How do I unsubscribe from Trulia? – [Answer] 2022


Trulia’s emails have an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each message. This link will remove you from all similar communications. Please see the Notification Preferences area in your Trulia profile to find out what more emails you may be removed from.

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How do I stop Trulia notifications?

Tap the Alerts option near the bottom of the app. nOpen the settings icon in the top right corner. nTap on the Settings option. nScroll down to find and turn off these alerts: For Sale, and For Rent

How do I create a Trulia account?

If you don’t already have a Trulia account, you can build one for free at If you already have an account, log in and scroll your mouse over your name in the upper right corner.

How do I cancel my Trulia subscription?

Go to the Trulia request form page and fill out the form. In the Description field, type a cancellation notice. Click Submit after filling out all of the necessary details.

How do I change my email on Trulia?

Click your name in the navigation bar after you’ve logged in to our website to access your profile. Update your account information and click Save Profile when finished. Should you require further assistance, please contact our support team HERE, and we’ll be glad to assist.

How do I delete my Trulia profile?

Trulia is an online real estate service that allows consumers to post information about properties, including rent, purchase, sale, and mortgage costs. Users may quickly set up a profile on Trulia and even upload a photograph.

How do I turn off email notifications for apps?

Open the Gmail app on your Android phone or tablet. In the top left, tap Menu. Select Settings from the menu. Select your account using the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of Chrome’s window. Turn notifications off by selecting None from the drop-down menu in the top right corner of Chrome’s window.

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