How do I remove Norton from my phone? – [Answer] 2022


  1. Click the ellipse icon available below the device and in the menu that appears, click Manage License.
  2. In the Manage Licenses page, select Remove License and then click Next.
  3. In the Remove License page that appears, click Yes to confirm.

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How do I completely uninstall Norton?

Right-click Start > Programs and Features. In the window that opens, search for Norton AntiVirus and select it from the list. Uninstall/Change is the command to use for Norton AntiVirus. The integrated application uninstaller will launch when you click this button. You have two choices: saving the settings for reinstallation or removing completely.

How do I remove Norton Security from my phone?

It’s in the “Device administration” section. Uncheck “Norton Mobile Security.” Tap the checkmark in the circle beside Norton Mobile Security. Tap Deactivate to confirm.

How do I remove Norton 360 from my Android?

Tap and hold on the Norton 360 app icon from the home screen, then drag it over to the Uninstall option at the top. To confirm removal, tap Ok in the confirmation alert.

Why is Norton so hard to uninstall?

There are several reasons why an antivirus program might not completely uninstall through conventional means. To prepare your system for new Norton installations, the software does not fully remove using standard techniques. The only issue is that when attempting to remove new versions or non-Norton anti-virus programs, there may be clashes.

Is it safe to uninstall Norton?

Norton’s anti-virus software has an inherent conflict with itself. Before installing any Norton product, Symantec recommends uninstalling any non-Symantec antivirus and firewall programs. Even if you’re upgrading to a similar Norton product, the upgrade may be jeopardized by a third-party antivirus software.

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