How do I get rid of a fake LinkedIn account? – [Answer] 2022


Open the fake profile by going to it and clicking on the down arrow next to the “Send Inmail” button/link. Select “Report as inappropriate” from the drop-down menu that appears below “Report as inappropriate.” A tiny dialog box will appear with choices, including “misrepresentation” and “inappropriate photo.” Both of these are reported as “fake.”

How To Quickly Spot Fake LinkedIn Profiles

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A fake LinkedIn account is an account that has been created by someone pretending to be the person they are portraying, for example, a fictitious individual or a real person who has not given permission for their name and likeness being used on the site. The use of such accounts is prohibited by LinkedIn’s Terms of Service and can result in termination from the service.

You may have come across one if you have seen ads on other sites linking to your profile page with no indication as to who owns it or why you were contacted out of the blue with an invitation request from someone claiming they wanted your help hiring them. If so, then congratulations! You have spotted a fake LinkedIn account.

The first step towards removing it is to grab the URL of their profile page by typing in the address bar of your browser, adding /@just_a_crawler at the end of the domain name and hitting Enter . If you are not sure how to do that, then this article on LinkedIn’s help site about How to find someone’s profile on LinkedIn might be useful. Once you have entered that into your address bar, confirm whether or not the username appears with numbers instead of an alphabetical character.

Get rid of a fake LinkedIn account follow step by step below:

1. Click the More icon on the member’s profile.

2. Click Report or block.

3. Select Report content on profile in the What do you want to do? pop-up window.

4. Select Profile information in the What content on this profile are you reporting? pop-up window.

5. Select Suspicious or fake in the Why are you reporting the profile information on this profile? pop-up window.

6. Select Fake account in the How is this suspicious, spam, or fake? pop-up window.

7. Click Submit to proceed or Back to review your options.

How do I delete a fake LinkedIn account?

Go to the fake profile and click on the down arrow next to the “Send Inmail” button/link. A drop-down menu will appear with “Report as inappropriate” as an option. A little dialog window will pop up with choices such as “misrepresentation” and “inappropriate photograph.” The profile is labeled both as fraudulent and indecent.

What can I do about a fake LinkedIn account?

You can report a fraudulent profile on LinkedIn at any time. To file the complaint and explain why, click ‘Report/Block’ to submit it.

Does LinkedIn delete fake profiles?

Even with these shortcomings, LinkedIn has outpaced Facebook in the amount of phony accounts removed within the first six months. Over those first six months, LinkedIn has detected and deleted 22 million phony accounts – a far cry from Facebook’s current 5.4 billion fraudulent profiles.

Why would someone set up a fake LinkedIn account?

A fake account strives to amass as many connections as possible in order to enhance its legitimacy. You’re essentially acknowledging a profile as genuine when you accept a connection request. When a user receives a new connection request, he or she is considerably more inclined to accept if there are any existing friends involved.

How do I delete an old LinkedIn account without email?

Choose Manage Account from the drop-down menu. next to Closing your LinkedIn account, click Change under Account management on the Account tab. Choose a reason for closing your account and follow the on-screen instructions.

How do I recover my LinkedIn username and password?

Go to LinkedIn’s website and press the “Forgot Password” button next to the “Sign In” option. … On the site, you will see a message that says, “You are not logged in.” Check your email or contact us if you have any issues with logging in. click on the link in the email to reset your password. If the URL provided through email does not work, copy it and paste it into your browser’s address bar.

How do I change my LinkedIn password without email?

Click Forgot Password on the Sign-in screen. Fill in your email address and click Reset password. You’ll be asked to provide a verification code via email on the next page.

How do I find an old LinkedIn account?

Go to the LinkedIn login page and type in your email address registered to your account, your password, and then click Sign In. You may also access this link by clicking Reactivate under Account Actions.

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