How do I find my old Myspace music? – [Answer] 2022


According to a “university research,” 490,000 MP3 files previously stored on MySpace between 2008 and 2010 have been recovered. This collection, dubbed the “Myspace Dragon Hoard,” may be found at now.

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Lost MySpace Songs Have Been Recovered

How can I access my old Myspace content?

My old MySpace profile is still accessible if you search for and then type in your name. You don’t need to know your previous password or establish a new one to access any “public” accounts. You may now go through your old pictures, music, videos, “connections,” events, and “mixes.”

Why won’t my old songs play on Myspace?

Every bit of music uploaded to MySpace between 2003 and 2015 has been lost, according to the firm, which amounts to over 50 million songs from 14 million artists. Due to bugs caused by a “server migration project,” the songs are no longer available.

What happened to the old playlist com?

On May 11, 2010, it was announced that Playlist had reached a settlement with Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group for an amount that was undisclosed. On February 1, 2013, a third party acquired without any outstanding legal concerns in the music recording and publishing industries.

Can you get paid to make playlists?

Yes, you may. There is a strategy that may actually help you create a successful playlist and earn money as a result.

How do you get paid for playlist push?

How Do You Get Paid? Once a campaign has finished, Playlist Push will pay you directly to your bank account. Artists sometimes seek refunds before the campaign begins, which means the payment to you is delayed by two weeks. Worry not because our platform allows you to keep track of every stage of the campaign process.

Can you download music from Myspace?

To be honest, there is no way to download Myspace music. As a result, it’s best to capture your desired Myspace songs using Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder, which is an easy-to-use online audio recorder that works with your browser.

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