How do I delete my Shopify domain? – [Answer] 2022


  1. Log in to your Shopify admin panel.
  2. Click on Domains.
  3. Under the Manage Domains section, click on the Delete domain icon.
  4. next to the domain that you want to delete.
  5. Confirm the Delete domain.

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How do I completely remove a domain?

Sign in to Google Domains. Select the name of your domain. Open the menu . Click Registration settings. Scroll down to Delete domain. To the right of “Delete domain,” click Delete. Sign in again to confirm your identity. Review the restrictions, and click Yes I’m sure, delete domain.

How do I stop paying for domain Shopify?

From the Shopify Admin, go to Online Store > Domains. From there, click “manage” beside the old domain. This will take you to a page where you may turn off auto-renewal.

Can you remove Shopify from URL?

You can’t remove or change the URL on your domain, as you’re using it as a primary domain. If you want your customers to go to a different domain when they visit your store, you may use a custom domain as your primary domain instead of the default one (i.e., … You can set a distinct custom website for each customer and give them their own URL by setting up a unique profile for each person who visits your store -> Customers will be directed to Shopify’s site unless you purchase an SSL certificate from another provider and install it on YOUR trusted CA-issued certificate authority (CA). Your Shopify store uses HTTPS encryption; thus, visitors will see encrypted data during checkout

Can I change my Shopify domain?

You may now use your Shopify admin to change the primary domain for each of your domains. Go to Settings > Domains in the Shopify admin, then choose Change primary domain from the drop-down menu. Select the domain you’d want to make your primary one. Save your changes once you’ve made them.

How do I change my Shopify domain?

Log into your Shopify admin on your desktop computer. Click Online Store in the Sales Channels area. Select Domains from the drop-down menu. Press the Change primary domain button to begin the procedure. Choose your new domain from the list and press Save when finished.

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