How do I delete all data in Outlook? – [Answer] 2022


  1. Sign in to Outlook on the web.
  2. At the top of your inbox, above the message list, hover until a check box appears.
  3. In the reading pane, select Select everything.
  4. Select Delete. To permanently delete the messages, right-click the Deleted Items folder and select Delete all.

How to permanently delete emails in Outlook

Deleting Email in Outlook

How do I completely delete all data in Outlook?

Open the File menu and select Options. In the Outlook Preferences window, go to the Mail tab. Clear Allow Auto-Complete to Suggest Names When Typing in To, Cc, and Bcc Lines from the Send Messages section. Select Empty Auto-Complete List if you want to clear the auto-complete cache.

How do I clear outlook and start over?

Remove the account by selecting Show Profiles from the drop-down menu. Select the account you wish to delete and press remove. In the confirmation box that appears, click “YES” and “OK.”

How do I delete my Outlook Outlook data file?

You may remove an Outlook data file from the Folder pane by clicking the file and then closing it. This does not, however, delete the file from your computer. Select Close “Outlook Data File” from the drop-down menu next to the name of the Outlook Data File in the Folder pane.

Is it OK to delete Outlook data file?

When you remove items from an Outlook Data File (. pst) or Offline Outlook Data File (. ost), the file is compacted in the background while you’re not using your computer, but Outlook is still running.

How do I delete Outlook Data Files in Windows 10?

Open File Explorer and go to C:Users*YourUser*AppDataLocalMicrosoftOutlook. Once you’ve reached that location, simply right-click it and select Delete to remove it.

Can I delete a data file?

The actual file data is being copied. After this information has been copied, you may remove the file. I just installed Microsoft Office 2007 after the Office 2010 Beta test ran out.

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