How do I contact fanfiction net? – [Answer] 2022


At the end of your email, include this information: (Replace (at) with an @ symbol; FFN filters emails out of forum posts.) Support email: support(at) Make sure to be as specific as possible in your email and include your reason for sending it.

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Does FanFiction.Net still exist?

Adopting the same URL as on other sites is a good idea so that readers don’t have to remember another site’s address. FanFiction. Net has over 5 million stories, poems, and plays by authors who are not affiliated with the site or each other. is a sister site of Adopting the same URL as on other sites is a smart move so that readers do not have to remember another website’s address. Over 1 million unique works of fiction, poetry, and drama are available at , which operates similarly to FanFiction.Net but with no fan fiction allowed.’ There are currently more poems than prose on the site.’

Is FanFiction.Net illegal?

Fanfiction is an unlawful violation of copyright under current copyright law. Fanfiction is characterized by the use of characters and language from an original creative work, as well as the development of derivative works, all of which are against current copyright legislation (McCardle, 2003).

Why is FanFiction.Net banned?

According to sister site FictionPress, the site has been banned for breaching Section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998, which prohibits the use of network facilities or services to create or distribute obscene, indecent, false, threatening material.

What happened to fanfiction net?

After adopting a new system that allowed persons under the age of eighteen to join, FanFiction.Net deleted approximately 62,000 stories. … Although Fiction Ratings goes up to Fiction MA on Fiction Ratings, FanFiction.Net has not permitted Fiction MA rated material since 2002 because it might contain adult/explicit content on the site.

Is fanfiction blocked?

PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) said that will be closed for as long as the firm’s owner fails to take the required measures to remove illicit or indecent content as requested by authorities.

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