How do I change my address for Costco? – [Answer] 2022


If you’d like to update an address that you’ve previously saved, simply Sign In, go to your Address Book, and select “Edit” on the entry you wish to modify.

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How do I change my Costco membership address online?

Choose “Account Details” under “Account.” Select “Edit” next to the information you wish to change and enter your new information. Select “Update.”

How do I change my address on my Costco Citi card?

The first step is to go to your profile. To modify your contact information, go to the sidebar and select Update Contact Details. Click Address Change to check out the addresses we have on file for you. Click EDIT to update an address. To change which address receives your mail, click Edit Mailing Preferences and then SUBMIT when you’re ready.

How does Costco verify address?

Costco uses the National Change of Address Program run by the US Postal Service, commonly known as the National Change of Address (NCOA). This tool helps us keep track of our members’ addresses. If you believe that your address was incorrectly changed, go to this page for more information.

Can you update Costco membership online?

Simply log in, go to “My Account,” and choose Renew Membership from the drop-down menu. Our members may also auto renew their membership using any Visa® credit card to keep things simple.

How do I change my address with Costco Canada?

You can change your address by visiting your Address Book and using the “Edit” option for any entry in which you want to update. You may also add a new address, change the default shipping or billing address, or remove existing ones (you’ll need to keep one).

How do I upgrade my Costco card online?

If you’d like to upgrade your membership before shopping or signing up for Costco Services, go to your Account Details page and select Sign In. You may then update your membership after it has been verified.

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