How do I cancel my subscription on eBay? – [Answer] 2022


  1. Select Cancel eBay Store subscription below.
  2. Go to your Subscriptions page opens in new window.
  3. Find your active Store subscription.
  4. Select Cancel subscription.

I Cancelled My eBay Store Subscription DONE WITH EBAY

How to Delete Your eBay Account

How do I find my eBay store subscription?

Go to your eBay Stores account and click “Subscriptions” under the Account tab. Select “Subscribe” next to eBay Stores after you’ve signed up. Choose “Subscriptions” and then Manage My Store on the left after you’ve subscribed.

Why is eBay charging me a monthly fee?

When you list your item for the first time on eBay, you’ll have to pay an insertion fee and any applicable optional listing upgrade charges. These listings are included in your monthly zero-insertion-fee listings. The fees are determined according to the terms in force when the listing is initially launched and again after it renews.

Does eBay automatically take fees 2021?

All of your eBay selling charges and expenses, including those that are presently billed, will be taken from your earnings starting in late March. If your profits are not enough to cover these costs, we may charge the payment method on file (debit or credit card, and/or linked bank account).

Does eBay take fees automatically?

All fees are deducted from your sales proceeds and may be viewed in Payments – opens in new window or tab, My eBay, or your Financial statement – opens in new window or tab, Seller Hub.

Why can’t I close my eBay account?

You can’t withdraw your account until it meets eBay’s minimum requirements. You can change your mind for 60 days after closing the account. Your account will be permanently closed and unable to be reactivated after 60 days. To buy or sell items, you’ll have to create a new eBay account.

How long does it take to close eBay account?

When you contact eBay to close your account, we will send an email to your confirmed email address and eBay Messages within 24 hours, letting you know it has been received. It generally takes 30 days for an account to be closed following receipt of a request.

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