How do I bulk delete photos from Google Photos? – [Answer] 2022


On a computer, go to the Google Photos website and use Shift + click on the first photos. Select the last photo’s check mark next, then release shift. This will let you batch-delete pictures. Then select the garbage can icon in the upper right corner.

How to Delete All Your Photos from Google Photos

How To Delete All Photos From Google Photos

How do I mass delete photos from Google Photos?

Select the image you want by circling it and clicking the checkmark that appears over it. Begin scrolling down on the right with your scroll bar selected all the way down to your last photo. Hold down the Shift key and choose your most recent photo from the bottom right corner. To delete an item, click its trashcan icon.

Why does Google Photos take up so much storage?

Why Is Google Photos Using Up So Much Space? The cloud storage space occupied by Google Drive, Google Photos, and Gmail is the same. And photos from Google Drive or Google Photos are stored in two formats: “High quality” and “Original quality.” When you upload pictures in “Original quality,” they will rapidly take up space on your Google Drive.

How do I select multiple photos in Google Photos?

Tap and hold the first image in the album. When you tap it, a blue tick appears in its top-left corner. Select other pictures from the album by scrolling down; don’t remove your finger from the screen while doing so. All selected images will have a blue checkmark next to them.

How do I delete all my photos from Google 2020?

In the Menu option, click on the bin. Select photos and videos one by one and hit Delete, or choose Select and Delete all.

How do I delete multiple albums in Google Photos?

Delete one or more photos by tapping Bin, then selecting the ones you wish to remove. Then tap Delete after selecting the pictures you’d like to delete. Tap Empty Bin > Delete to permanently erase all images in the bin. Confirm deletion by tapping Delete.

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