How can I reactivate my WeChat account? – [Answer] 2022


  1. Launch and run the WeChat application on your device. On the main login screen tap on the “more” option.
  2. Then select the switch account button.
  3. Now choose the phone as an option to log in and select to log in via SMS.
  4. Do as instructed by the application in order to receive SMS on your mobile number.

WeChat Block Account Fix | How to Unblock WeChat Account? Wechat Account Recovery Tips

How to Unblock WeChat Account? Wechat Account Recovery Tips

Can I recover deleted WeChat account?

You can recover your WeChat account if it is temporarily blocked in a few ways. However, if it is permanently blocked, you’ll need to establish a new user ID for WeChat since you won’t be able to retrieve deleted WeChat contact, messages, or account.

How do I recover my blocked WeChat account?

Download the Official App From the Official Wechat Web Page. As previously said, using an unofficial WeChat account might result in your account being banned. Save your password for later by going to

How can I activate my WeChat account 2020?

Open the WeChat app on your phone, then tap Sign Up > Sign up with mobile > Choose a region code, enter your mobile number, and choose a password. After that, WeChat will forward you to Facebook so you may log in to WeChat using your Facebook account.

How can I activate WeChat account without friend?

Visit kiwikiwifly and PeoplePerHour, and search wechat keyword in the search field. Discover a Chinese friend at a Chinese restaurant. Visit Taobao marketplaces. You can also purchase them on certain websites.

How can I permanently unblock my WeChat account?

If your account was created in the past 14 days, contact the number that’s linked to it. If you don’t have access to the linked phone number, wait 14 days after creating your account and then unblock it with another phone number.

How can I activate my WeChat account in India?

Open the ExpressVPN app or any other trustworthy VPN service. nnOpen a virtual private network (VPN).nnSign in to your account. nChoose a server in another country. nDownload and install the Wechat app on any Android device of your choice.nnConnect to the server, then you’re ready to use Wechat!

How can I become an assistant registered in WeChat?

Tap the contact button, enter “team” into the search bar, and select “Help Friend Register” from within WeChat. Then follow these steps: 1) Make a call, send a text message, or utilize any other method outside of WeChat to contact a suitable WeChat user. 2) Invite the user to open WeChat, search for “WeChat Team,” tap “Account,” and then choose “Help Friend Register.” 3) Request that the user input your phone number (to change it, touch the alternative region code.)

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