How can I delete my WeChat account from being blocked? – [Answer] 2022


  1. Open WeChat and go to “Settings” > “Account” > “Delete My Account”.
  2. Enter your password and click “Delete My Account”.
  3. WeChat will send you a confirmation message. Click “Delete to confirm”.
  4. Your WeChat account will be deleted and cannot be recovered.

How to Unblock WeChat account? Verify WeChat

How to Unblock Blocked Wechat Account

Can I delete a blocked WeChat account?

Yes, you can delete a blocked WeChat account. To do so, open the WeChat app and go to Settings > Account > Blocked Accounts. Tap the three dots in the top right corner of the blocked account and select Delete Account.

Why is my WeChat permanently blocked?

There could be a few reasons why your WeChat account is blocked. One possibility is that you violated WeChat’s terms of service. Another reason could be that someone reported your account as being inappropriate. If you believe that your account was blocked in error, you can contact WeChat’s customer service for assistance.

How do I remove WeChat protection?

There is no sure way to remove WeChat protection, as it is a built-in security feature. However, there are a few methods that may work:
1) If you know your WeChat password, you can try logging in and then changing your settings.
2) If you have access to the device that WeChat is installed on, you can try deleting the app and then reinstalling it.

How can I get my WeChat account back?

If you’ve lost your WeChat account, there are a few ways to try and get it back. One is to contact WeChat customer service and provide them with your account information. If they’re able to verify that you are the account owner, they may be able to help you recover your account. Another option is to try and reset your password.

How do I contact WeChat customer service?

WeChat customer service can be contacted in a few ways. You can either visit the WeChat website and click on the “Contact Us” link, or you can open the WeChat app and go to the “Me” tab. Underneath your profile photo, you’ll see a button that says “Customer Service.” Clicking on that will give you several options for getting in touch with WeChat.

What is compromised account in WeChat?

A compromised account in WeChat is an account that has been hacked into and is being used by someone other than the account owner. This can be a serious problem, as the hacker could potentially access all of the victim’s personal information or even steal money from the account. There are a few things that you can do to help protect your account and minimize the risk of it being compromised. First, be sure to use a strong password and don’t share it with anyone.

What happens when I freeze my WeChat account?

If you freeze your WeChat account, you will be unable to send or receive messages, and your account will be frozen for the set duration.

How do I know I have been blocked on WeChat?

There are a few ways to tell if you have been blocked on WeChat. If you can no longer see the other person’s profile, if you can’t send messages to them, or if they appear as offline even though they are online, then it is likely that you have been blocked.

Why is account blocked?

There are a variety of reasons why an account might be blocked. One common reason is that the account has been used to violate the terms of service. Another reason might be that the account has been hacked or compromised.

How can I activate WeChat account without friend?

You can’t. You need a friend to help you activate your WeChat account.

How do I unlink my phone number from WeChat?

To unlink your phone number from WeChat, open the app and tap on the Me icon at the bottom right corner of the main screen. Scroll down and tap on Phone Number. Tap on Remove under Linked Phone Number.

Why WeChat Cannot delete?

WeChat is a Chinese social media platform with over one billion active users. It is owned by Tencent Holdings, Ltd., which is the largest internet company in China. WeChat has many features that are popular in China, such as group chat, voice and video messaging, and Moments.
One of the most popular features of WeChat is its ability to allow users to send money to each other. This feature is called “WeChat Pay.

Will someone know if I block them on WeChat?

Yes, the person you blocked will know that you blocked them.

How do I unfreeze my online account?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the way to unfreeze an online account depends on the specific service or site. However, most services will provide instructions on how to unfreeze an account, usually through the account settings or help pages. If you can’t find instructions on how to unfreeze your account, you can contact the service’s customer support for assistance.

How do I freeze WeChat?

To freeze WeChat, open the app and go to Settings > General > Chat Settings > Chat Freeze. Toggle the Chat Freeze switch to on, and your chat history will be frozen.

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