GTBank Transfer Code 2022 – GTBank USSD For Transactions – [Answer] 2022


  1. The GTBank transfer code is 737*. This code can be used to make transactions on your GTBank account.
  2. *737*1*amount*account number# on your phone. For example, to transfer N5000 to account number 012345678, you would dial *737*1*5000*012345678#.


How To Transfer Funds Using 737

Who owns GTBank now?

GTBank is currently owned by the GTBank Group, which is a consortium of investors led by The Global Bank of Commerce (GBC) of Nigeria.

How can I get my GTBank account number?

To get your GTBank account number, you can either visit a GTBank branch or call the GTBank customer care center.

How can I check my GTB account details?

To check your GTB account details, you will need to provide your account number and surname. You can then view your account balance, account history, and other account information.

Why is GTB now Gtco?

In February of 2018, GTB announced that it was rebranding as Gtco. The company explained that the new name was more in line with its goal of becoming a global technology company. Gtco is an acronym for Global Technology Company.

What is the problem between innoson and GTBank?

The problem between Innoson and GTBank is a legal dispute over a loan. Innoson alleges that GTBank refused to repay the loan, while GTBank claims that Innoson defaulted on the loan. The case is currently being heard in court.

Is GTBank an international bank?

Yes, GTBank is an international bank. It has a presence in about 20 African countries, as well as in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Does GTBank receive Western Union?

Yes, GTBank does receive Western Union transfers.

Is GTBank a commercial bank?

Yes, GTBank is a commercial bank. It is one of the largest in Nigeria, and it offers a wide range of banking services to businesses and individuals.

How much does GTBank charge for international transfer?

GTBank charges a flat fee of $10 for international transfers.

How can I send money abroad from Nigeria to 2021?

Yes, you can receive money from abroad in your GTBank account. You will need to provide the sender with your account number and the bank’s SWIFT code, which is GTCNGLAXXX. The sender will also need to provide their bank’s SWIFT code.

Can I receive dollars in my GTB account?

Yes, you can receive dollars in your GTB account. You can also use your GTB account to send and receive payments in Naira.

Can I receive dollars in my savings account?

Yes, you can receive dollars in your savings account. However, the interest rate on a savings account is usually lower than on a checking account. So, it might be a good idea to keep some of your money in a checking account in case you need to access it quickly.

Can I receive Western Union in dollars in Nigeria?

Yes, you can receive Western Union payments in dollars in Nigeria. However, you may need to provide identification to the sender to prove that you are the recipient of the payment.

How much is dollar in GTBank today?

As of September 2017, the exchange rate was about 195 naira to the dollar. So, 1 GTBank dollar is worth about 195 naira.

Can I transfer dollar to naira account?

Yes, you can transfer dollar to naira account. However, you will need to find a bank that offers this service and have a Nigerian bank account. Additionally, the exchange rate will vary depending on the bank.

How much does Zenith bank sell dollar?

Zenith bank sells dollar at the Interbank rate.

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