Does Google keep your search history forever? – [Answer] 2022


By default, Google will retain the Web & Activity data you’ve chosen to collect indefinitely—everything by default. In this condition, before auto-delete is enabled, the Web & App Activity page reads, “Your activity is being retained until you remove it manually.”

How to: Delete the information that Google knows about you

How long does Google keep my search history?

Even if users take no action, Google will automatically delete web and app searches after 18 months. By default, Google’s location history is turned off, but it will set a deletion schedule of 18 months if users enable it.

Does Google permanently delete search history?

Although Google doesn’t have a method to completely erase your activity, you can put it on hold. To stop Google from saving your activity, follow these instructions.

Does Google keep a record of my searches?

If you’re signed into your Google Account, Google keeps a record of everything you search for on You can clear your local browser history, but it won’t remove anything from the servers of Google. Now, within Google search itself, you’ll be able to view and delete recent search history.

Is your search history ever truly deleted?

Your browser history doesn’t delete much, and there’s a trail of all of your Google searches going back to the initial one. Fortunately, only you have access to this data, which is easy to stop Google from tracking your searches.

Who can see my internet history?

Any device may peek at your internet activity if you have a WiFi connection. If the individual who is monitoring your surfing history has enough motivation, he can see all of your previous activities on any sort of router. Aside from search history, there are additional sensitive data that may be tracked. Tor or a VPN may be used to conceal your WiFi history.

Are Google searches monitored?

Google records and stores anything you search for on Google, including voice searches, to ensure that the ad displays are as customized and accurate as possible. NEW DELHI: Yes, you are being tracked online and several organizations collect information about you. It’s not only Google who does it all the time. Your social networking sites do it as well.

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