Can you delete a Warframe account? – [Answer] 2022


If you want to delete your account and have all information associated with it permanently removed, please contact customer support for verification. You can fill out the form here.

No. We cannot delete Warframe account information. This will never change. However, we can hide an inactive account from view. This may be a less desirable option than complete deletion of your account records (as originally planned), but it does prevent others from using your name and claiming it as their own at some point in the future.

It is important to note that even if you are not currently logged into the game, any player can search for your Warframe name and see what reputation score you have, how much platinum is in your wallet, etc.. If this privacy concern is something you wish to address, please send me another message with proof of ownership of both accounts so I can look into the feasibility of deleting one or both accounts.

I can delete a forum account, though – is this the same?

The forums are an independent entity from the game. They use separate code and have their own database. As such, they do not share the same policies or data protection laws as the game or its services (such as login information). Account deletion on the forums is possible because it does not affect any other feature offered in (i.e., Forum/Account linking allows you to see your ‘total score’ on all platforms combined). However, deleting a forum account will not affect anything relating to your game account(s).

Montka’s Note: I’m trying to refresh my memory here but if I recall there was some sort of issue with forum accounts and their names. For example, if you deleted your forum account then any characters you had made (including challenges) would lose their name unless the account was re-created or manually renamed by a moderator. If this is correct, then I do not believe that this can be fixed without significant changes to how the Forums are managed so it may just be something we need to live with.

In short, my recommendation in both cases is for players who care about privacy to avoid linking an in-game account with an external portal such as third party sites, Wiki, etc..

Montka’s Note: This isn’t really news but still worth repeating!

Will there ever be more Prime Warframes?

There is always a chance – no promises or guarantees.

Montka’s Note: He literally said that he can’t promise anything, but when you have the opportunity to ask if new Prime warframes are coming out, it would be kind of dumb not to ask!

Can we get some form of notification when a weapon has been added as an Alert reward? This would allow players like myself who don’t Search Alerts every day to know which one(s) will feature Prime parts and possibly plan their loadouts accordingly without having to wait for a DE staff member to post in this thread.

If it were up to me, I’d just make a sticky thread on the Cetus alert board with all information, but unfortunately it is not my call. I will however pass this along to the DE staff as a suggestion for improvement

Is there any way we can get some more lore-related information?

Yes – we’re always looking for content creators to contribute to the Wiki and provide information on new items. Please consider joining us by providing your knowledge!

Montka’s Note: Anybody can join and add their information to the wiki, or make a video like DE did with Sort Dragon (I’m sure they will have more videos coming soon). You don’t need to be an expert, just provide the facts as you know them. The Warframe Youtube channel is here . Do not forget that if you are interested in writing, there is also the Official Forums as well!

Will we get some more Prime Accessories?

We’re always working on adding more Prime gear :). For those wary of buying Primes, be sure to keep an eye out for our next Prime Access which will include new gear.

Montka’s Note: We got the Soma this week! And it is awesome looking!

What are your plans for Void Trader and other in-game trading?

Players have a lot of ideas on how you can improve trading and make it more interesting. For example, players have already suggested that we should be able to trade with multiple people at once instead of just 1 person at a time. There is also the issue where Tenno cannot see what enemies they can kill can drop.

I believe some improvements were made or are being made related to this – I’ll double check with my team but let me know if you have any other ideas on how we can improve trading!

Montka’s Note: The system is in its infancy, I think it was recently released for a week or so and then taken down due to some balancing issues. It will be back soon enough, but the downside is that it will not include “combined” trading (as I have seen referred to) until a later date as they stated here . We will wait until this goes into effect before making suggestions such as mine (regarding combined trades).

Can you delete a Warframe account?

If you want to delete your account and have all information associated with it permanently removed, please contact customer support for verification. You can fill out the form here.

Can you unlink a Warframe account?

PC players with Warframe purchases via Steam can unlink or link their accounts from the options menu.

Can you delete your Warframe character?

Create a new account in Warframe. When that happens, you want to know how to delete your account. Unfortunately, there is no option for deleting an account.

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