Can you delete a suspended eBay account? – [Answer] 2022


After you’ve been suspended, you can’t close or settle your account for six months. They keep it for six months to make sure that any credits to the accounts are repaid.

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Is eBay suspension permanent?

You can’t sell, bid, communicate with bidders, or provide feedback while your account is suspended. Account suspension is only for serious infractions such as selling counterfeit goods. Suspended accounts are unable to sell on eBay.

Can you make another eBay account after suspension?

When you’re suspended from eBay, the site won’t let you set up a new account. This is because on eBay, once your account has been permanently banned, it can’t be reactivated. So if you create an eBay account with that address and list your first product, your account will be immediately disabled.

How long does an eBay account stay suspended?

The first thing you should do if your PayPal account is restricted is write to the internet payment giant and ask for a refund. eBay may suspend accounts for 7, 10, or 30 days — or even permanently! A total suspension is usually the result of a serious breach of eBay’s standards and regulations. This can also happen if you underperform on a regular basis. After numerous warnings, eBay frequently takes this action.

How do I permanently reinstate my suspended eBay account?

If your account was restricted or suspended owing to unpaid seller fees or a return refund, you may make a one-time payment to resolve the problem. Your account will be reinstated when we receive your payment.

Why would eBay permanently suspended my account?

On the site, eBay explains why an account has been shut down and frequently these reasons include: Payment methods were out of date (credit card expired) Not paying fees on time. Intellectual property rights policy violation.

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