Can I remove my KYC from Paytm? – [Answer] 2022


1. Make a call to +91-1204456456 to access Paytm customer service. 2. Make a request for an email to be sent unlink your Aadhaar. 4. Replicate the photograph on your Aadhaar card in the reply email that you will send back to them. 5: In 72 hours, you will receive another email from Paytm confirming that your Aadhaar information will be deleted

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How To Delete Kyc From Paytm( In Hindi )

How do I unlink my KYC?

You must first contact Paytm’s customer care. You may reach out to these numbers for assistance: 0120-4456-456 or 011-3377-6677. Second, inform them that you would like to unlink your Aadhaar from your Paytm account. They will send you an email asking if you wish to unlink your Aadhaar.

Can we cancel KYC?

It’s a standard know-your-customer (KYC) document that’s used to verify bank accounts. After all, it is only required for bank account verification. The cheque is voided so that it can’t be misused. Simply draw two parallel lines over the cheque and write “canceled” between them to cancel it.

Can I change my KYC in Paytm?

Scroll down to the field for PAN Card and Aadhaar Card at the top right corner of the screen. Enter your 12-digit Aadhaar Card number or your unique 10-character PAN Card number into the box below it. Within 48 hours of verifying your Aadhaar/PAN card, it will be linked to your Paytm profile.

Can we have 2 Paytm accounts with same KYC?

You can only have one KYC account per mobile number. If you wish to change your phone number against an existing KYC account, simply login using your current phone number and select “Update Your Information” in the navigation pane on the left.

Can I delete Paytm account permanently?

To begin, log in to Paytm using your valid email address, phone number, and password. Three Lines is the option you should choose. Choose “24×7 Help” from the drop-down menu. Then pick “I need to terminate/close my account.” Profile Settings

How can I change my KYC name in Paytm?

Go to the Menu area in the upper left corner ( tapping on symbol ). Go to the Business Profile Section. Change the company name by clicking on Change.

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