Can I delete my Pottermore account? – [Answer] 2022


Delete Pottermore account follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to and create a new account with Pottermore account you used before.
  2. Go to Settings of the website and scroll down you’ll find the “Delete your account” option.
  3. Click “Delete your account” and enter your password to confirm your deletion.

Wizarding World Account reset to to retake house and patronus quizzes

Can I delete my Pottermore account and start over?

Pottermore is the ultimate Harry Potter fan’s dream come true, right? You get to explore Hogwarts, you get to take your very own O.W.L.’s and N.E.W.T.’s, and best of all – you can even create your own character! Unfortunately for some people though, it isn’t quite as amazing as they had hoped it would be when they signed up for their account in 2011 or 2012 or whichever year they joined up with Pottermore.

Here are 8 reasons why this might be a good idea:

1) They don’t care about having a house anymore because they’ve been sorted into Gryffindor for the last time.

2) Their Patronus has been revealed to be a bunny, or a raven, or an otter – and they’re over it.

3) They have too many Pottermore trophies that are gathering dust because they either 1) can’t play any other games on Pottermore because their account is too high level; 2) The other games on Pottermore aren’t fun; 3) Both of the above (and let’s be honest, this is probably the most likely reason).

4) They hate reading other people’s fan fiction about Harry Potter characters.

5) They’ve read every book in the series at least twice and seen each movie more times than should be normal.

6) They used to feel bad about the fact that they’ve read Deathly Hallows more times than they’ve read The Bible – but now, not so much.

7) They’re literally just here for the quizzes (and if this is you, check out our Pottermore Quiz Tips page!)

8) You know that one person who always tweets spoilers about what’s going to happen in the next book/movie/episode? Yeah… it’s probably them.  

HOWEVER! If your reason for wanting to delete your account falls under any of these categories, do yourself a favor and take a few deep breaths first. Think long and hard about whether or not deleting your account is the right choice for you, because once you delete your account – there is no going back. You will not be able to sign up again with the same username or email address, so if you suddenly realize that you’ve made the wrong decision, there’s nothing that can be done about it.

How do I permanently delete my Pottermore account?

Click here to open Pottermore. If you’re already logged in, clicking this link will take you to your Pottermore profile. nClick My Details. nScroll down and click Close Your Pottermore Account. Enter the password and press Yes, End My Account.

How do I make a new Pottermore account?

Go to and click the log-in symbol in the top right corner. – Use your current email address that you used for – Create a new password.

Can I delete my Pottermore account and start over?

You will need to cancel your account and sign up again. If you want to find a specific home, use a sorting hat guide. Will I be allowed to use the same email address as before to re-create my account? Yes, you may utilize the same email and personal information to re-create your account.

Can you delete a wizarding world account?

You can remove personal information here. You are asking for your information to be deleted from all of Wizarding World Digital when you submit a delete request.

What is the answer to Slytherin in Pottermore?

For Slytherin, the ideal is to choose book/records/cure, which gets three points. The others give less overall points because they have fewer answers: records/book/cure, book/records/cure, and books.

Can you redo your Pottermore House?

With the new Wizarding World app, you may retake the sorting hat test, and if you do it for the first time, you’ll be given the option to transform your home to match your new house or keep your old one. You can continue doing the quiz but you can’t change your house anymore after that.

Is Pottermore still open?

In October 2019, the Pottermore website was closed, and its content was relocated to The e-book editions of the Harry Potter novels are still published by Pottermore Publishing.

How do you get a Patronus?

The capability to produce a physical or non-corporeal Patronus is determined by the witch or wizard’s skill. Each Patronus is distinct to the person who casts it, and it’s conceivable for a Patronus to alter.

Where is Pottermore?

The Harry Potter fandom is experiencing a shift. In a joint press release from Pottermore and Warner Bros., Pottermore’s material will be relocated to a new website called Wizarding World Digital, which will house both Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts material.

Why did they get rid of Pottermore?

Pottermore reportedly ran into difficulties owing to intellectual property rights. Because Warner Bros. owns the films, there were always concerns about what the prior site might or could not show from the famous film series.

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