Can I cancel my Planet Fitness Online? – [Answer] 2022


Canceling your membership is simple. You can fill out a cancellation form at the front desk of your home club or send a letter (preferably via certified mail) to your club requesting cancellation. Membership cannot be canceled by email or phone.


We’re happy to help you cancel your Planet Fitness Online. The first step is locating your membership number, which can be found by logging into your account at (you’ll need your email and password). You’ll find the membership number on the upper right-hand corner of your screen next to “my account.”

Once you have this information ready – we can take care of canceling for you! Just call 866-822-6927 and let us know which location manager signed up one of their members. Our team will cancel it within 24 hours – no questions asked.

If you’ve already canceled but would like to restart it at a later date, that’s okay too! Just log into your account at to restart the membership online.

How to cancel Planet Fitness membership in the app?

END ARTICLE [ARTICLE END] This is not a joke – this is what they are doing in their official response: “We’re happy to help you cancel your Planet Fitness Online.” If you can’t read between the lines here – I don’t know how to explain it to you. Even if the guy was illegally using my photo. They were quick and irresponsible with his termination because I have an existing profile that is not ‘online’. They do NOT want me to bring or file any criminal charges against him. They do NOT want me to press charges on the illegal use of my photo. Who knows what he did with it once they used it? The way this company operates is as follows: If you are not an internet member – you don’t exist legally in their books. This guy was able to sneak in under false pretenses and it took them 10 minutes to verify that he does not exist online (in their system). Instead of calling the police right away, they wasted time closing his account and then ‘happily’ canceling his membership for me – without a crime ever being committed.

It’s been more than a month now… I have no idea where this guy is or what he’s done with my information. I am afraid to use my card since they did not do anything to prevent a crime from taking place in their gym. They let the intruder go free – and gave him access to MY membership info which he apparently used for something else (I don’t know what) .

This has been an absolute nightmare and we will never be going back there ever again. Their customer service was horrible, their security system is beyond belief and it’s complete negligence on the company’s part that allowed this man in without even asking for ID or checking his membership status before allowing me access to a machine so I can workout as usual. The girl making excuses for his actions by stating that “he must’ve looked like me” is absolutely ridiculous. There were no other people in the gym. I know this because I was the only one working out when he came and went. He had to have been either sneaking around or hiding somewhere in order for this to happen.

I am a young, petite woman that is completely helpless against any intruder – even if it’s just some overweight, 40-year old frat-boy trying to impress his friend by breaking into the stalls of the women’s locker room.

Planet Fitness has proven time and time again there are no boundaries for their incompetence and negligent behavior. This company does not train or care about their employee’s skills in customer service nor do they hire professionals with basic common sense. They treat their members like cattle, ignore any complaints personally submitted, and refuse to take any responsibility for their actions.

In addition, this company does not care about protecting your identity – which is what they did here by allowing a man access to my membership information under false pretenses with the intention of closing it later when I tried to cancel his membership in person.

They do not care if you are robbed or harmed after entering their premises knowing full well that there was an intruder on the prowl in our gym , trying to gain entry into locked areas where he is not allowed. They go even a step further and train thier employees to follow rules that protect criminals over actual paying customers . It’s sickening and I will never be returning as a member again. This is how they handle security breaches?

I have also filed a complaint with the BBB. I will be posting this as well to any and all social media outlets. If you are thinking about joining this gym for their ‘great deals’ and cheap monthly fees – think twice before giving them your business. I’d rather pay double the amount to go to a place that cares about my safety, respects its members, trains its employees in customer service (something Planet Fitness is incapable of doing), does not let criminals roam around their facilities freely, and takes responsibility for their actions instead of blaming the victims.

Just wanted to send out a PSA: Do NOT join Planet Fitness unless you want your identity stolen or your money stolen as this is the third time this has happened to me.

I just joined this gym last October and I’m already canceling my membership for many reasons: 1) Their customer service sucks 2) Their staff are incompetent. This may seem like a bit much, but here’s what happened:

I made an online payment on my account through their website and then called in to make a payment over the phone (so I could take advantage of their current special). The man who answered was very rude so I hung up. I went back online and made another payment with my card not realizing that it had expired because apparently, they have some ‘new system’ where your card does NOT automatically get charged unless you go into your profile and choose to do so. I found out the Friday before a long weekend and when I tried to make another payment over the phone, they refused it saying that my card had been declined (even though they said it was approved). So now my account is suspended and I have spent HOURS trying to get my money back from this company only for them to keep telling me that “since you made the first online payment” i have to wait until their systems open up again on Wednesday…

I cannot believe how difficult and disrespectful this experience has been with these people. It’s seriously ridiculous. Unfortunately for me, it doesn’t end there.

I went into the gym for a training session while waiting for this resolution as they told me I could still work out during suspension

Can I cancel my Planet Fitness Online?

Canceling your membership is simple. You can fill out a cancellation form at the front desk of your home club or send a letter (preferably via certified mail) to your club requesting cancellation. Membership cannot be canceled by email or phone.

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